Linked Cornrows with Loc Jewelry and Puff

Hey my blessed naturals!
If you have been reading my articles for the past month, then you may know that my new favorite hairstyle has been the "Linked Cornrows with Puff" style. In May of this year, I purchased loc jewelry (also known as "hair tubes") by the company, TinaTouch. They are small, decorative metal cylinders with designs carved out of them. The tubes are a little bigger than regular hair beads. Many people use decorative hair tubes or jewelry for their locs, but I decided to try using them for my cornrows.

TinaTouch hair tubes I purchased

This weekend, I did a hot oil treatment on my hair using Tea Tree Oil and a heating cap. Then, I did a protein treatment using mayonnaise, shampooed, and deep conditioned my strands. My hair was really soft and moisturized after the conditioning. Afterwards, I banded my hair until it was 85% dry. After removing the bands at the front of my hair, 10 sectioned rows were made. I applied moisturizer and Coconut Oil to each section before braiding. Then, I put a hair tube at the beginning of the cornrow and kept braiding towards the front of my face. I only used a tube on every other braid. The braided sections were twisted towards the end. The twists enable you easily unravel the section. You can also recreate this style using beads.

Back banded sections with cornrows

Top view of the "Linked Cornrows with Hair Tube Accessories and Puff" style

side view of "Linked Cornrows with Hair Tube Accessories and Puff" style

side view of the "Linked Cornrows with Hair Tube Accessories and Puff" style

hair puff by 1BlessedNatural

I love the hair tubes because, they are unique and different. Plus, they didn't cost a lot of money. I believe I purchased them for less than $3.00 a pack from my local beauty supply store. Each pack contained approximately 60 pieces.

You can view the "Linked Cornrows with Puff" YouTube tutorial video, here

Would you rock the loc jewelry pieces?

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