Partial Protective Styling

Example of partial protective styling: cornrows in the front (hair prepped for puff in back)

Hi everyone,
As many of you know, protective styling is a great way to protect your strands and give yourself a break from every day styling. However, many of us may get antsy and still want to style our hair after a short period of time. This is where partial protective styling comes in. Partial protective styling is when you put part of your hair into a protective style. I have been using this method often during the last 2+ years of me being natural. Many of you may know that I have been cornrowing the front of my hair and putting the back in a puff. Because my hair is fine, my edges are really fragile. Partial protective styling allows me to leave the front of my hair alone to grow. At night, I two-strand twist, pin curl the back or put it in a bun to be taken out the next morning for a puff.

Do you use partial protective styling?

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