Chunky Twist-Out With Bang

Two-strand twist, pin curl out style by 1 BlessedNatural
Happy Monday my blessed naturals! 
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend! If you are a "Walking Dead" fan, last night may have been one of the best episodes for you (smile). The writers for the show have done a very good job!  #teamWalkingDead lol. 

In hair-related news, I removed my mini two-strand twists on Friday. My hair was finger detangled, moisturized, and sealed.  I've been rocking a chunky two-strand twist, pin curl out for the past couple of days. I plan to wash my hair today. It's always funny how my hair seems to look the best when I need a wash, lol. Thank God, my hair is almost back to normal from the protein overload. This week, I may be able to start using my products with protein in them. The decision will be made after I wash my hair.

Side of two-strand twist, pin curl out by 1BlessedNatural 

back of two-strand twist, pin curl out style by 1BlessedNatural
What natural hairstyle are you rocking today?

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