Natural Hair Puff as Low Manipulation Hairstyle

Puff with flat twists: low manipulation style choice by 1BlessedNatural

Hey everyone, 
I've had a real breakthrough in the last couple of days in my battle over protein overload. Tomorrow, I will be giving you all an update on some products that I have used to get my hair back in shape. Thank God! 
Tonight, I wanted to talk about  my experience using natural hair, puff styles as low manipulation hairstyles. 

Low manipulation hairstyles consist of any styles that will help minimize the amount of styling done to your hair. Basically, they help you keep your hands out of your hair, lol. Some naturalistas may consider styles like wash-n-go's, roller sets, twist-outs, braid outs, and buns as low manipulation styles. I have been using puff styles as my low manipulation style. At the beginning of the week, I usually braid or twist the front of my hair. I put the back in medium-sized twists. The next day, I put my hair in a puff. 

I usually keep my hair in that same puff style for the week. I moisturize and seal (with an oil) while it is in a puff and twists every night, but I try to minimize the amount of manipulation. Sometimes, during the week or on the weekends, I will keep my hair in the same puff without removing the band. I sleep with a satin hair bonnet. In the morning, I will apply a moisturizer and oil and just smooth my hair down with my hands. This way, I can retain length without the need to keep my hair in a protective style.

What's your favorite low manipulation style?

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