Natural Hair Laziness

pre-poo: I applied tea tree oil to my scalp, then I sprayed water mixed with peppermint oil on my hair. 

Happy Sunday, my blessed naturals!
I hope you all are having a great weekend. I know some of you have been wondering what is going on with my hair. The truth is that not much is going on, lol. I haven't really been styling my hair in any fancy styles. I've only been rocking my hair in my usual puff and flat twist hairstyle. My hair has been frizzy also. I've noticed that when I wear my hair in a puff hairstyle for a long period of time and I only use my hands to neaten the puff, my hair starts to look frizzy if I keep the style in for too many days at a time.

Since I've been walking around with my hair looking like a fuzzy bear, lol ( at least, to my eyes), I decided to install some two-strand twists this weekend. I am sitting under a heating cap while I type. The conditioner has been on my hair for more than an hour. I will detangle, rinse, and band my hair. After it dries, I will install mini twists. I plan keep them in for 2 weeks. I don't feel like doing them lol, but they will be worth installing.

Do you have lazy natural hair days?

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