Election Day Hair: Puff with Cornrows

Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals,
Today was Election Day in New Jersey. Sunday, I washed my hair, but I didn't get a chance to deep condition it.  As a result, my hair was very dry. Last night, I co-washed my hair, and then deep conditioned it. Afterwards, I banded the back of my hair and cornrowed the front of it. I created a side part and little cornrows going down both sides of my head, towards my ears. This morning, I used a thin elastic hair tie to gather my hair into a puff. I used a wide black stretchy band as decoration. This method works because my hair has grown out a lot. The thin band allows me to make a neat and tight, but not too tight puff.

Products from Amazon that were used for this style:

What natural hairstyle did you wear today?

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