Natural Hair Shrinkage and Surprise

Single braid bun

Happy Monday, my blessed naturals!
Since my hair has been braided, I've gotten a lot of questions and comments about it. The one question that surprised me the most was whether the extensions were my hair. Every time someone asked me that question, I said (to myself) that I thought it was obvious I had extensions in my hair. It wasn't until my niece asked me the same question that I remembered natural hair and shrinkage. Before the braids, I'd worn my hair in an Afro and puff styles, and the truth is the extensions could've been my own hair. Last year, my niece's waist-length hair was braided into single braids. Five of the braids in the back of her hair were created using extensions because her own hair was shorter in that area than the rest of her strands. All of her braids looked like extensions. Plus, you could very well be hiding 75% of your hair's length and no one would know it, lol. That is one of the elements of surprise when talking about natural hair shrinkage. Natural hair... you've got to love it!

March 2014 two-strand twist shrinkage

What question do you get asked the most about your natural hair?

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