Update on C's Natural Hair: Curls Poppin'

C said she like her curls parted on the side and hanging down.

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Back in April, I told you all that my sister, C's hair broke off since wearing her natural hair out. Her plan was to wear wigs for 6 months to give her hair a rest and retain more length. She has kept her natural hair in a beehive cornrow underneath her wigs, and I'm happy to report that her hair is back to being healthy, and her curls are poppin'!

The main issue C has with her hair is that she think it's too fine and thin (partly due to Traction Alopecia). However, I think she still has a nice amount of hair. After washing and conditioning her hair, she parted it on the side and let her curls hang. C said she really likes her new style. Now that she's found a style she really likes, she can rock it confidently. (smile). Her plan is to continue to wear the wigs as her protective style until next summer. The picture above was taken after she applied the Silicon Bambu Mix. She loves the way the product makes her hair feel. She also loves the Cantu Creamy Curl Activator because it softens and enhances her natural curls. 

After removing C's beehive cornrows.

1BlessedNatural: C's curls after applying the Silicon Bambu Mix

What are your natural hair goals for the rest of this year?

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