1BN Kids: Little Girls' Natural Hair Halloween Styles

1BlessedNatural: Little Girls' Natural Hair Halloween Styles

Hey, my blessed naturals!
I hope you all had a great Halloween! Yesterday, Big and Little Sister Natural wore their hair in some cute styles for the day. 9-Year- old, big sis was a bumblebee. She rocked a medium-size fishtail braid going across the front of her head and a banded ponytail (banding method) in the back. She wore an antenna headband in the part between her braid and ponytail.

Little Sister Natural was a princess. Some of you may remember a previous post I did on her hair when she had the same style, but was 1 or 2 years old. She is now 4 years old, and her hair has grown sooo much since then! She wore her hair in 2 big twist-out ponytails with 1 ball ponytail holder on each one. God has blessed their mom to do all of that hair! That's for sure! LOL Here are some pics:

1BlessedNatural: side view-  Big Sister Natural's fishtail braid across head with banded ponytail

1BlessedNatural: top view of fishtail braid

1BlessedNatural: banded ponytail in the back

1BlessedNatural: side view of big twist-out ponytails
1BlessedNatural: back view of big ponytails

1BlessedNatural: Little Sister Natural was being silly. LOL! But, here's an upside down picture of her ponytails.

What style(s) did your little naturals wear for Halloween?

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