7 Ways to Save on Natural Hair Products

1BlessedNatural: 7 Ways to Save on Natural Hair Products

Hey, my blessed naturals,
When it comes to natural hair, there is nothing like saving money. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for their natural hair products!  Here are 7 ways to save on them:

1. Sales and coupons-Sales and coupons are a great way to save on natural hair products. They are a great way to save in general! Check your local circulars for sales and coupons. You can also check out coupon sites. If you are thinking about using one, please be sure to read reviews of the sites first. Also, check the websites of the specific brands of natural hair products you like to see if there are any deals.

2. Utilize dollar stores- You can find many hair products at the dollar store for a little less or more than a dollar. Dollar stores are good places to buy co-washing conditioners like VO5 and Suave. They are also good places to find stretchy bands, bobby pins, wide tooth combs, and Denman brush knock-offs. If you buy your combs and brushes there, I would suggest checking them to be sure they do not have any ridges in them because they can snag your hair. Check your natural hair product list and see which ones can be bought at the dollar store.

3. Make your own products- There are many naturals, including myself who chose to buy their own ingredients like raw shea butter, essential oils, etc. and mix them together to make their own products. You save money because  you can buy your ingredients at a low cost and create just enough of the product for your specific needs.

4. Use your products sparingly- If you tend to be heavy handed with products, try to cut down on the amount you use. If you are using an oil on your hair, 2-3 drops may be enough for your whole head.

5. Develop a different regimen for each season- Certain products may work better during one season and not the other. For example, I know I can use products with a high amount of glycerin in the summer because glycerin is a humectant. This means that it can obtain moisture from the air. As a result, my hair will stay moisturized during a humid day after I've applied a product with a high amount of glycerin in it. I would only buy those particular products during the spring and summer.

6. Use water and oils at night- Sometimes, I use water and coconut oil to moisturize and seal my hair at night. This helps me cut down on using my store bought products and keep more of my money in my pocket.

7. Swap products- If you have friends who are natural, you can swap products with them. Your friends may have products that did not work for them, but they may work for you and vice versa. This way, neither of you will have to spend more money on products.  

*Bonus* Buy from mom and pop stores- Sometimes you can find good products at great prices at small and/or local beauty supply stores.  

What is your favorite way to save on natural hair products?

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