3 Alternative Uses for Hair Grease

Happy Monday, my blessed naturals,
Since I' went natural, I do not use hair grease hardly ever on my hair. If you're like me, you may have jars of it left over from relaxing your hair in the past. What do you do with them? Well, I've come up with 3 alternative uses for hair grease. These uses are mainly for the petrolatum or petroleum-based and beeswax hair greases. Please note: Before using any products on your skin, I would suggest researching the ingredients to ensure that they are safe to use on your body.

1. Dry, cracked feet- You might have already heard about this remedy for dry and cracked feet. After showering at night, apply a generous amount of the hair grease to your damp feet, and then put on socks. This method will help lock in the moisture. Because your feet will sweat overnight, they will soften up. If you have a severe case of dry feet, it may take 2 or 3 treatments.

 2. Dry hands - If you are always washing your hands like myself and suffer from dry skin, you may want to try applying the hair grease to your damp hands and putting on skin gloves at night. It is the same idea for your feet. You can usually find skin gloves at your local grocery, pharmacy, or department store (Walmart, Target...). You can also use plastic gloves, but you have to be careful when sleeping with those.

3. Ashy knees and elbows- No one has time for ashy knees and elbows lol. Try putting hair grease on them. You will also have better results if you apply it to damp skin.The great thing about using hair grease on your knees and elbows is that it if you miss 1 day, it won't make a difference because you keep them oiled. I use the Softee Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner and have good results with it. Plus it smells good!

I want to stress that the alternative uses for  hair grease mentioned above works well on damp skin. There is some debate about whether you should use petroleum products on your hair and skin. I don't like to use it on my hair, but that is my choice. Always be sure to do your research, and do what works for you. 

  Have you tried any of these alternative uses for hair grease?

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