How to Choose Age-Appropriate Styles for Your Little Naturals

1BlessedNatural: How to Choose Age-Appropriate for Your Little Naturals
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Wig, weaves, and sewn-ins... I've seen all of these styles on children, and it shows times have certainly changed since I was a kid. Last year, actress and singer Christina Milian defended her choice on social media of letting her 5-year old daughter wear long crochet braids. Some people liked the style, while others said it was not age-appropriate and looked heavy. Here were 2 main rules for choosing hairstyles when I was a kid:
  • No Hair swinging in the front of your face! In other words, I was to have any style that made me act like I could pop my neck like I was all of that and a bag of chips. Having all or some of my hair out was a one-time luxury that was mainly reserved for holidays and/or school pictures. When I did get to wear my hair out, I didn't know what to do!
  • No color! I see kids with all different types of colors in their hair at early ages. My grandmother preferred that I didn't color my hair, and I didn't dare disagree with her. 

Little girl with twists and barrettes (Photo credit: stevendepolo via / CC BY

The information above was just for jokes and reminiscing, but if you are wondering if you should choose a certain style for your little one, here are some things you should consider:

1. Will the style put stress on the hairline, neck, or other parts of the scalp?  This goes for tight or heavy braids whether they be extensions, cornrows, or sew-ins. Remember that you're child's scalp is still growing and can be very sensitive. The choices you make now can permanently damage their hair.  

2. Will the style be a distraction? This goes back to the rule above about no hair swinging in the face. It also applies to hair accessories, like beads. If you don't think your child will be able to concentrate in school because they'll be worried about their hair, then you may want to chose another style. If you want to do beads, maybe do them in the summer when they are off from school.

3. Is the style age-appropriate? This one is always a touchy subject, because it's all about parents'  choices of what they deem to be appropriate. God willing, your child will be able to wear adult styles when they get to be an adult. So, what's the rush? If you are looking for kid styles for girls ages 4-11, check out the 1BN Kids section.

Are you having trouble choosing age-appropriate styles for your little naturals?

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