Lil Mama Posts Positive Message About Natural Hair and Health

1BlessedNatural: Lil Mama Posts Positive Message About Natural Hair and Health (photo cred: Instagram)
Rapper and actress, Lil Mama posted a positive message to women about natural hair and health on Instagram. The entertainer said,"Be Healthy Ladies. Our Natural Skin & Natural Hair [sic] needs the same attention we give hair extensions, units, and make up." Her message was the caption of a black and white picture of herself with a thick and pretty twist-out.

I agree especially with the second part of her quote where she says, "We must love ourselves no matter what. Also [sic] practice mental health, clear your mind, meditate, pray, and seek peace." I think that as Black women many of us often get caught up in being a "strong" that we forget to really take care of ourselves. It is important to take some "me" time and relax. It is most important to talk to the Lord about things, and find peace in Him. Seek counseling and/or medical attention if needed.

Plus, we have so many images thrown at us to tell us what is supposed to be considered beautiful, and Lil Mama's quote about loving ourselves regardless is right.

Well said, Lil Mama!

What do you think about Lil Mama's message?

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