1BN Kids Video: 5-Year-Old Little Sister Natural Takes Out Her Own Braids

1BN Kids Video: 5- Year Old Little Sister Natural Takes Out Her Own Braids

Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals!

This weekend, Little Sister Natural took out her own braids for the first time. We were super proud of her because she took the initiative to do it herself.  I also have to add, she’s only 5 years old, and I’m a proud auntie! Lol. We all agreed that it was time for her to start learning how to do her own, because it’s a scream and cry fest when her mom does it (see meme below). This last time, it took LSN’s dad holding the top section of hair while her mom brushed it to get it done. Below is her first YouTube video taking out her big cornrows and talking about her experience. If you have a little girl and want them to take out their braids or twists, please let her watch the video.

Does your little natural(s) take out her own hair?
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