Sanaa Lathan Takes "Dem Braids Out"

1BlessedNatural : Sanaa Lathan Takes "Dem Braids Out" (photo cred: Instagram)
Sanaa Lathan has been showing her big and pretty natural hair on Instagram! The 44-year-old actress removed her box braids last week to reveal a braid-out in a video captioned "Dem Braids Out."

This summer, she posted a glowing photo with the following caption: Summer '16 is Au Naturel. No makeup. No weaves. Lathan joined a host of celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Lil MamaAmber Riley, Keisha Epps, and more in rocking a makeup-less face, expressing there is beauty in the natural look.

Sanaa Lathan will be playing an investigator named Ashe Bell in a new Fox series called Shots Fired. Tristan "Mack" Wilds, Richard Dreyfus, and Aisha Hinds are also in the movie. Shots Fired is about a Black cop killing a white man in California. The 10-hour series will air in 2017.

1BlessedNatural: Sanaa Lathan with box braids (photo cred: Instagram)

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What do you think of Sanaa Lathan's braid-out?

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