Another Cornrow Design with Loc Jewelry and Fro

1BlessedNatural: Another Cornrow Design with Loc Jewelry and Fro

Happy Thursday, my blessed naturals!
I'm back with another natural hairstyle! Tuesday, I did a new cornrow design at the front of my head and left the back out. I did squiggly parts on each side and 4 cornrows each. After applying one piece of loc jewelry to two of the braids on each side, I braided the cornrows together, rolled them up, and bobby pinned them. As always, my hair was stretched using the banding method.  Here's more pictures:

1BlessedNatural: front view

1BlessedNatural: #tbt 2014 Eritrean Inspired Hairstyle: Front Cornrows, Twists, and Puff

What natural hairstyle are you wearing today?

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