Protective Style Trial & Error: Twist and Tuck with Kinky/Straight Hair Extensions

1BlessedNatural: Protective Style Trial & Error: Twist and Tuck with Kinky/Straight Hair Extensions

Hey, my blessed naturals!
I hope you are having a great week. Yesterday, I tried doing a twist and tuck protective style using the Kinky (Marley) Twist (100% Kanekalon) braiding hair by Femi. I usually use straight Kanekalon hair by the Sassy or Janet Collection, but I like the textured hair better because it matches mine. Here are my style details:

Hair: Kinky Twist Braiding Hair from the Femi Collection

Price: $4.99 (straight extensions were like $1.00-2.00 per pack)

Place: local beauty supply store, online

Packs:  a little over 1 1/2


First Things First #EpicFail


This pic was taken at the beginning of the year when I first tried the style with the straight hair. Plus, the color was not matching lol. I chose 1B instead of #1, which is the darkest color. It didn't stand out as much as it did in the pic. So, I still wore the style to work anyway! LOL, I used 2 packs of hair fo it.

  On to the Kinks...



Here's a picture of the items I used, minus the elastic bands to put my hair in ponytails and keep the twists from unraveling.

I usually use water and gel to slick my hair down, but I only used gel this time around. So, my hair wasn't as smooth. I will probably go back to using both water and gel.

1BlessedNatural: Here's a weave hack lol. If I need to braid or twist the hair before styling, I'll put one end of the hair in a closed draw.

1BlessedNatural: Mid-styling: The transferred twists thing lol didn't work quite as well with the kinky textured hair. It probably would have looked better if I braided or three-strand twisted the extensions.

1BlessedNatural: Still wrapping...

1BlessedNatural: After wrapping the little bun lol.

1BlessedNatural: The other side...

 In all...

I was happy with my results. I know what to do next time. So, I might do a follow-up post if you all are interested! Let me know in the comment box.

What other styles would you like to see next?

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