New Trend: Box Braids with Thread Wrapped Braids Mixed In

1BlessedNatural: New Braid Trend: Box Braids with Thread Wrapped Braids Mixed In (photo cred: Facebook)
It's been an interesting summer for braid styles and accessories! We've seen gold and silver cuff beads, braid jewelry, and now braids with thread wrapped around them. Yarn and thread wrapped hair styles have been around for years, but this summer it seems it's especially popular.   

Chrisette Michele with box braids and yarn faux locs (photo cred: Instagram)
Basketball Wives star Malaysia Pargo wore box braids with colorful thread wrapped braids scattered throughout them this summer. YouTuber MsTanish1 wore the style this summer. I also saw Chrisette Michele wear brown box braids with yarn wrapped ones (faux locs) a few years ago.

I like the look because you can switch up the colors to match your outfit. I like the dark colored box braids with a few wrapped braids mixed in. I think if you're not careful you can overdo it, but it all depends on what you want!

We'll be on the look out for who rock the thread-wrapped box braids next!

Check out the video tutorial by YouTuber Naturally Candace!

 What do you think of the style?

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