Devon Still Pranks Daughter for April Fools and Fans Question His Parenting?

1BlessedNatural: Devon Still and his daughter Leah Still (photo cred: Instagram/ @stillinthegame)
Yesterday, former NFL player Devon Still posted an Instagram video of him pranking his daughter Leah by cutting her hair extensions, and many fans thought it was in poor taste. The reason for the prank was in retaliation for the 8-year-old throwing water on her father while he was asleep. While Leah was laying on the couch sleeping, her dad took a pair of scissors and cut off the bottom beaded half of Leah's braided hair extensions.

Still's followers began reacting immediately to the video. While some people were in support of the prank and thought it was funny, there were others who weren't laughing at all. One user said, "Extensions or not, was wrong to do. Very wrong, I could see pouring water but this wasn't nice to do to your daughter." Another user said,"You should of just poured water on her [sic]  not cut her hair... extensions or not, that was too far #notcooldad!!!"

Confusion had already set in for some of Still's followers because they weren't sure if Leah's braids were extensions or not. One user asked, "Is that weave?" Another user said, "I hope those were extensions."

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Shortly after posting the first video, Devon Still posted a second video addressing the confusion. He said, "I guess some of ya'll don't know the process of taking extensions out huh? All I know is everybody getting mad at me and threatening to unfollow me better keep that same energy with Leah for wanting to do this to [sic] early #aprillfools Joke lol." In the video, Leah said the extensions weren't her real hair and that the prank was an April Fool's joke. Good one, Leah!

Asha Still, Devon's Still's wife, who is also a licensed cosmetologist posted a lengthy response on the video. She stated that Leah's hair was extensions and it was time for her to get her hair done. She also said that her stepdaughter was not defined by her hair. She said, "Leah does not identify or define her beauty through her hair, whether she was bald, short hair, or now that her hair has grown back!" Four years ago, Leah was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. She has been cancer free for 4 years.

My 2 Cents

I think a lot of people were just not aware of the process of taking out extensions. I was thinking, "Great! He just cut her take-down process by more than half the time!" But, that's just me! When taking extensions out, you cut just below where your own hair stops in the braid or twist. This helps you remove them quicker.

I think some people just saw a dad cutting his child's hair without really thinking that she was probably going to get her hair done soon. Some were also reflecting on her losing her hair when she had cancer. The responses to the video confirmed one thing: When you put something on social media, you can't always be sure how people will receive it!

Happy April Fools!

What do you think of Devon Still's prank on his daughter?