Amanda Seales Reminds Us That Mental Health Awareness Should Be Practiced All the Time

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, Amanda Seales wants us to know that caring for your mental health is more than a monthly thing. In a TikTok video, Seales channeled one of her characters named Toprah Shanks to deliver her message.

Seales delivered her PSA while doing the Wipe Challenge (#wipechallenge). The Wipe Challenge is when you turn into a different person after spraying and wiping down the mirror, similar to the Don't Rush Challenge. The Insecure actress said, "And on this last week of Mental Health Awareness Month, I just want to remind you everybody that your mental health is to be aware of not just for a month but at all times...Because we can't simply wipe trauma away. We must heal. Make yourself your passion project and go on goddess!"

And that's the truth! 

Amanda Seales has always spoken out about mental health. In 2018 , The Real co-host shared the fact that she attends therapy to help deal with her issues. Her TikTok video is especially important during this pandemic because many people are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Issues like unemployment can affect mental health. Sheltering in place has also been a challenge for some people because of the isolation.

Seales idea of self-care all the time is extremely important, and healing takes time!

Thank you, Amanda for the reminder! 💖

What do you think about Amanda Seales saying mental health awareness is not just a month long thing?

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