My Fro Update

My Fro 3 months after Big Chop
 Hey everyone,
Last night, I decided to stretch my hair after my wash. I did something similar to the Pineapple method. I parted my hair in about 8 small sections. It was similar to the method Dejah used called "Pineappling."I moisturized my hair using Coconut Oil (too much of it lol), shea butter, and IC Hair Polisher.  I grabbed the hair and twisted it around like a pin curl (in each section) and put a bobby pin in it. I will post pictures of the method soon. I was very happy with the results. But, I used too much of the Coconut Oil. I learned some great tips from "The Natural Haven." about using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer.


  1. WOW. SO very flattered you mentioned and linked me! =}
    The results look great! You're finding lots of looks for your twa. I mostly WNG'd or decorative headbands or bows in my hair.
    Great progress! Enjoy the twa days, the journey gets tough. My in between stage can be frustrating at times.

  2. Awww,, no problem Dejah! Yes, I'm trying to learn everything now lol Your hair looks beautiful btw!


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