Two-Strand Twist Updos and God's Lessons

Happy Sunday everyone!
Last week, I two-strand twisted my hair with the intention of doing a repeat mini two-strand twist rod set, but that did not happen lol. I did 3 things incorrectly.When I twisted my hair, I made a straight part down the middle of my hair to the back. The second thing was that I rolled my twists in the wrong direction and had too many twists on one of the rods. So, when I took out the rods, my hair was separated and curled in the wrong direction.

Even though the rod-set didn't work out, my hair was in the perfect shape to create a mini two-strand updo :-) I twisted the two sections up the back of my hair and secured them with bobby pins. The twists in the front were left hanging.

For the second style, I twisted my hair up into two ponytails to the crown of my head.

I love this style because it is a great protective style. I let the steam from the shower get into my hair and then I apply coconut oil to my hair. Every 3 days, I take the pins of of my hair, moisturize, and seal my hair with Coconut oil. I learned that I cannot control everything including a hair style lol. I ended up liking this hair style better than the rod set alone. Do the best you can and let God do the rest :-)

Can you think of a style that didn't come out the way you wanted, but you made it work?


  1. Good advice and I noticed that your hair is looking longer. Nice twists!

    1. Thanks Jen! It seems like my hair is longer every time I retwist lol.

  2. Nice post. I noticed the very same thing that JenJen noticed, was thinking it, and then I read her comment. You will soon be tripping over your hair. LOL!


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