Beaded Flat Twist Afro

Beaded flat twist natural hairstyle

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have to say that God is good! I am blessed to be alive...
I have been feel adventurous and wanting to put beads in my hair lol. I know... little girl status lol. Two weeks ago, I bought a pack of black, clear, and white beads from my local beauty supply store. I made diagonal flat twists in the front (bang) area of my hair.

 Then I parted two vertical sections above my ear, and flat twisted them.

Use a bobby pin to put the beads in your hair.
Then, I hooked a small bobby pin to the middle of the twist and pulled it through the beads. Some bead packs come with a hook to help put them in your hair.

Next, I took the end of the twists and pinned them to the top of my hair (not too tight). You can also flat twist you hair in an upward direction, instead of pinning them. The fro part of my hair had already been bantu-knotted, so I put on a headband and was good to go :-)