Attractive Words Used in Natural Hair Packaging

Hey my naturals!
This week I bought the Au Naturale Creme Glaze by Dark & Lovely, but I haven't tried it yet. The label says that the product has Mango Oil and Bamboo Milk. Bamboo Milk??? I didn't know Bamboo plants contained milk lol. I did some research and found that bamboo extract (milk) is actually beneficial to hair. says, "Many people seek to improve the health of their hair, and bamboo extract can help many users reach that goal by keeping hair ducts clear." The article continues by saying that the extract can remove build up.

 I will take Ella Joyce's advice on trying new products, by trying the product on a small section of hair. The "bamboo milk" idea caused me to start thinking about some of the words used by hair product makers to target those of us with natural hair.

1. Oil
2 Milk
3. Natural(all)
4. Butter

Hair product companies will place any of the words listed above, on a product container to grab our attention. The product may or may not contain one or more of the ingredients above, but contain a large amount of another (harsh) ingredient like alcohol, which will dry your hair out. You also have to examine the specific type of ingredient above like "bamboo milk". The companies may throw any word in front of the primary word and we may buy it because it sounds good or healthy.
The important thing is to do your research before buying the products. Sometimes, I even whip out my phone at the store and search the internet to find more information about the product.  Naturals, BEWARE!