Natural Hair in the Summer Months

I have been hearing many people say they do not want to go natural because of the summer months. Supernanny, Deborah Tillman also expressed the same concern in my interview with her. As a result,
I started researching and thinking about the specific concerns of being natural in the summertime. Hopefully, this post will help some of you who are thinking about letting your roots show :-)

Moisture Madness- During the summer months, we know the air can be hot, humid, and/ or dry at times.
As a result, you may need to moisturize (with a moisturizer) and seal (using an oil) your hair a little more than normal, especially if you stay in direct sunlight. If it is humid you may need to moisturize your hair a little less. You also have the option of applying gels and other hair products that contain glycerin, because they will obtain moisture from the air. Your hair will stay moisturized for a longer period of time.

No Sweat- With the increasing temperatures in the summer months, you can expect to sweat more. If you are a permed beauty, you may run in the other direction when it comes to perspiration. Actress Lisa Arrindell Anderson raised the valid point in which many women will avoid the gym in an effort to not mess up their hair. The good news is as a natural, you won't have to "sweat" it lol.

When I work up a sweat after walking or jogging, I usually cowash my hair to remove the salty perspiration from my scalp. Cowashing is when you wash your hair using conditioner only. This way, you do not have to deal with you  hair and/or scalp drying out from the perspiration.

 If I am wearing braids or twists, I will usually band them to keep them from being disturbed during the washing process. Unlike normal washing, you can cowash your hair several times a week because it does not dry your hair out. If you are concerned about your hair getting tangled, I would suggest washing your hair in workable sections (if it is long enough).

My New Growth- When I would perm my hair, I remember being concerned that my new growth would show. Now, I've realized "new growth" is something that should be celebrated, not hidden. Guess what! When you become natural, you do not have to worry about running and hiding your roots. You do not have to worry about sweating out your perm. Your new growth will blend right in with the rest of your hair. 
There is no countdown from the time you put get a touch up to the time you sweat out your perm. That is one of the things I love about natural hair :-)

"I don't want to do my hair in the summer!- You can wear protective styles like braids, twists, or tuck and roll styles which allow you to avoid manipulating your hair every day. However, you do have to maintain your hair's health while it is in protective styles. For example, I am wearing medium sized twists. This means I do not have to worry about styling my hair daily. However, I do ensure that my hair (especially) my ends stay moisturized, and my scalp stays clean. If I am wearing braids with extensions, then I use braid spray daily. I wash and condition my hair every week. 

It all boils down to this...
Regardless of whether you are a permed or natural beauty,  your hair will require maintenance in the summer. When you are a natural, you do not need to be concerned about running away from moisture or new growth. These are things you can celebrate as a natural. The decision is YOURS to make :-)

What will it be?