Protective Style: Mini Braids

I've gotten tired of doing my hair everyday, so I decided to install mini braids as my protective style. You all know may know that mini twists are my favorite protective style, but I decided to switch things up a bit. I have worn micro braids with extensions, but I wasn't feeling the idea of having extensions in my hair for a long period of time. Plus, I need my edges lol. This weekend I spent about 8 or 9 hours (many breaks included) installing mini braids. Yes! I think my braids are the tightest and nicest when I under braid them. The problem with that fact is that it takes me all day to braid lol. I think I braid in slow motion (when under braiding), lol.

I ran out of hair at the end of braiding many of the braids. I just twisted the remaining two strands, creating two-strand twists at the end. When I finished, I was a bit disappointed because a lot of my scalp was showing. Also, the braids weren't as full as I expected. I had to remind myself that I wasn't doing mini twists,  which would puff up after a few days or sprays of water. I was happy with the tightness of the braids. My challenge for the next few weeks is to see how many styles I can create with them. I will post the first one tomorrow. Please, check out my Mini Twist Style Challenge if you haven't already. Stay tuned!

Have you ever installed mini-braids? What is your favorite protective style?