Natural Hair Update: Curls, Twists, and Length

Happy Tuesday everyone!
In my last hair article, "Natural Hair Fatigue" I told you all I was going to do another roller set. I usually use the Foam Wrap Lotion.,water, and Coconut Oil by Motions to set my curls. This time, I tried the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion, water, and Coconut Oil. The curls that dried thoroughly were fine, but the others dropped. If you decide to use the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion for a roller set, be sure to allow extra time for your hair to dry. It takes a little longer than when you use the Foam Wrap Lotion. I ended up finger combing all the curls out and doing a puff style. I had little tiny curly throughout my hair from the "roller set gone wrong" lol. 

small coils that remained in my hair after the roller set

This weekend, I installed mini twists in my hair. I banded my hair to stretch it. It's been a few months since I've done it. This time, my hair looked like it grew another inch and a half. Because my hair was super stretched, I really liked the way my twists came out. Thank God, my hair is back to normal after experiencing both protein and moisture overload. It's crazy because it seemed like I experienced  a lot of breakage during that time, but I'm glad my hair really doesn't look like it did (smile). 

What style did you do this weekend?

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