1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Healthy Hair Stylist, Allison White

Happy Good Friday, my blessed naturals!
Earlier this week, I took a trip to Best Buy in Madison, Mississippi because I needed to buy a new laptop. There, I met Healthy Hair Stylist, Allison White. When Ms. White asked me what was the purpose of me buying a new laptop, I told her I was a natural hair blogger. She stood quietly with a smile on her face while I explained my site. After pulling up my blog on a demo laptop, she told me she had been a Healthy Hair Stylist for several years.  Also, she had been natural for 8 years. I know that was no coincidence (smile). 

Ms. White's hair was straight, shiny, thick, and past her shoulders. The stylist explained that she had straightened her hair all her life. She went natural because she figured why do damage twice to her hair. This included perming and applying heat. White figured if she could get the same results by flat ironing her natural hair, then a perm was not needed. 

In addition, the stylist recommended using Titanium or Tourmaline flat irons as opposed to Ceramic ones. She said she believed that water was the most important moisturizer for your hair. As a result, she shampoos her and her clients' hair before flat ironing it and advises to never flat iron hair if it has not been freshly washed. Although she flat irons her hair, White said that she never had a problem with her hair reverting back to her natural curls. The stylist pulled out her tablet and revealed her curl pattern. It was a loose curl pattern she said she had for her whole life.

White was full of helpful hair tips. She also showed me some of her clients who were her co-workers. Plus, I ended up purchasing the laptop she recommended. It was a pleasure speaking with her. If you are looking for electronics in the Madison, Mississippi area, stop by Best Buy and ask for Allison. If you are in the Mississippi area and need your natural hair done, you can email Allison at 3genofcurls[at]yahoo[dot]com .

Thank you, Ms. White!

Do you straighten your natural hair?

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