Dear 1BlessedNatural, I'm Tired of Doing My Kids' Hair!

Dear 1BlessedNatural, I'm Tired of Doing My Kids' Hair!
Hey, my blessed naturals,
Yesterday, I had a conversation with my nieces' mom because she was thinking about perming my 9-year old niece's hair. Many of you have seen previous articles about my nieces, Big Sister Natural and Little Sister Natural's hair which is thick and long. Their mother knows how to keep their natural hair healthy. Her problem is that she will soon have 3 children, and she doesn't think she will not have the time to do the girls' hair on top of taking care of a newborn. She also plans to let the baby's hair grow out, making 3 heads of hair to do, eventually. This is an issue that many busy moms with children, (especially more than one) face. Although a perm may seem like aN easy choice, it may come with a price of your children's self-esteem and health. There are better ways to remedy the problem.

Teach Your Child to Do Their Own Hair
By the time your child reaches 8 or 9 years old, they can start learning how to do their own hair. Up until that point, you can involve them in the process. You can let them do things like pick out their own beads, barrettes, and other hair accessories. When they reach the age of 8, you can began letting them learn how to section and detangle their natural hair. You can advance to letting them learn how to do simple styles like buns and ponytails. If they can do their doll's hair, they can do their own hair (smile). The idea is to cut down on the amount of work that you have to do with their hair, but keep your child's self-esteem intact They won' t feel negative about their natural hair because they have to go to a salon and/or get a perm to maintain it. Although, I do not have children, I know this is true because I went through it. When I was sent to the salon to straighten my tight kinks and curls, I developed a complex about my natural hair. However, I felt better about my natural hair when I knew I could maintain it.

(Perm)anent Cycle

 I also made my niece aware that Big Sister Natural is still too young for a perm. Perming her hair now can permanently change her hair texture. I had a similar experience when I was around 8 or 9 years old. The hair on the right side of my head became rougher than the hair on the left side due to a perm. I also made my niece aware that if she decided to perm Big Sister Natural's hair, there is a good chance that it will break off eventually. When she gets older, she may want her hair to be back-length like it is now. Both girls are already ahead of the game with healthy and long natural hair. Why set them back? 

Big Sister Natural's hair in April 2014

1BlessedNatural: Little Sister Natural's hair in October 2014

1BlessedNatural: Big Sister Natural's hair in October 2014

The Decision

Based on the information above, my niece decided not to perm the girls' hair. She is also going to re-evaluate Big Sister Natural's hair regimen to see if she can cut down on some of her steps. She currently uses heat and protective styling. 

What tips do you have for a mom who has to maintain several heads of natural hair?

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