Gabrielle Union's Weave Confession on "Being Mary Jane" Hits Home for Many Women

1BlessedNatural: Gabrielle Union's Weave Confession on "Being Mary Jane Hits Home for Many Women

Last night, Gabrielle Union revealed her natural hair on the BET hit show Being Mary Jane. Union, who plays "Mary Jane" stood in the mirror with her huge Afro while finding out that her stylist was canceling her appointment. After calling her niece to redo her sewn in weave, Mary Jane confessed that she was "terrified" to go to work without it because she thought people would think she wasn't beautiful. She would just be "normal." I'm glad Being Mary Jane addressed this common occurrence on national television, because a lot of women can relate to it.

Mary Jane's confession rings true for a lot of woman who wear weaves, and I've known many of them. Some may feel like their hair is not good enough. Others may feel like they need to wear a weave because they've worn it for a long period of time. It becomes a part of their identity. They can't see themselves in public without that particular element.They feel the same as Mary Jane stated. Although, the depressed character's hair appeared to be beautiful, healthy, and thick, she still used her weave as a crutch. It is the same case with many women and makeup. They're beautiful without it, but they may not be able to see it.

In addition, Mary Jane's scene reminded me of some similar scenes with Viola Davis in How to Get Away with Murder on ABC. Davis, who plays the character Annalise Keating was on set with her TWA and makeup less face. Both Mary Jane and Annalise Keating's scenes represent a stripping away of the public's view of them to the real view or nakedness of themselves.

1BlessedNatural: Gabrielle Union in Being Mary Jane
 As for Mary Jane... I do not predict that she will be unraveling her sewn in weave again, anytime soon, but it was nice to see her natural hair and vulnerability.

What did you think of Gabrielle Union's natural hair and weave confession on Being Mary Jane last night?

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