Heat, Humidity, Twists, and Twist-Outs

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1BlessedNatural: Heat, Humidity, Twists, and Twist-Outs

Happy Saturday, my blessed naturals!
This week, I've been wearing medium-size twists and twist-outs. I twisted my hair using water (spritz), Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion, and coconut oil (as my sealer) on Wednesday night. Since the weather has been in the 80s and humid, my hair's been staying moisturized longer. I love it! The high humidity also means more shrinkage. Womp, womp lol, but it's all good.

Today, my twists were removed for a twist-out, and my hair was still moisturized. When I re-twist
tonight, I will probably just use water and coconut oil. 

How's the weather been treating your natural hair? 

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