"I Like/Love My Natural Hair Best When..."

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1BlessedNatural: "I Like My Natural Hair Most When..."

Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals,
Many of you may know my sister "C" is now rocking her natural hair for the summer time. She is getting back into her routine of moisturizing and sealing her hair daily. Every day or every other day, she twists and pins up her hair for twist-outs the next day. Two days ago, she told me she really likes her natural hair the best when her curls are defined. If you are just starting your hair journey or really starting to enjoy your hair, I want to stress the importance of finding a natural hair regimen. It can really make a difference in your attitude towards the maintenance of your hair. C says things are much easier now that she knows how to handle her natural hair. She doesn't mind setting aside the time to care for it.

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1BlessedNatural: C's hair twisted and pinned up
When do you like/love your natural hair the most?

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