My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL- Season 1/ Episode 3

1BlessedNatural: My Review of Cutting It in the ATL- Season1/Episode 3

Hey my blessed naturals,
It has taken me 3 episodes of watching WE tv's new series Cutting It: in the ATL to finally do a review. I was hesitant to watch the show because I thought it was going to be another show about caddy professional women who can't support one another. However, it's not as bad as I thought, with the exception of a lot of the language. I thought last Thursday's episode 3 "Hair Show Showdown" was worth reviewing.

 Mushiya and Beautii attend a model casting call to pick their models for the Pro Beauty Hair Show in Macon, Georgia. Mushiya makes it clear that she is there to meet her "components" and not her opponents. I had to laugh at that one! Beautii said she needed to introduce herself to a dictionary. I think Mushiya (who is also natural) provides the comic relief on the show. She is definitely in her own world! Also, I must say her natural hairstyles during her confessionals in the beginning were fierce. She had a TWA  and 2 Afro hairstyles.

Maja, Beauti, and Mushiya
Meanwhile, Maja and Beautii bond during a self defense class after Maja's shop is broken into. She brings a Sippy cup with wine to the class. Poor thing. Beautii is on board with Maja's plan to do business together. Out of all of the women, Maja seems to be the only one who is just about her business. She's trying to get the other women on board, but that's not going so well.

Deda asks LaKenya to help her with her 12-year-old daughter's birthday party at her salon. In her confessional, LaKenya brings up the possibility that Dedra may be a bad influence on her. I think she also needs to be concerned about her reputation as far as Dedra is concerned. LaKenya brings this up later in the show. Her mentor has a reputation for being hotheaded, and the first episode proved just how fast word can get around salons. People might not want to be bothered with LaKenya if she is associated with Dedra. She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, and I would hate to see her miss out on more opportunities like the "I Am Strong" event because of pettiness. We'll see how things go in the upcoming episodes.

Mushiya and her team arriving at the hair show

Next, Deda reveals that she is a single and divorced mother of 3 children. She says that she was raised by her grandparents and has a rocky relationship with her birth mom. I think it explains a lot about her attitude on the show. Beautii and Maya setup their tables at the hair show, and Beautii pretends to checkout Maja's Pretty Hair weave. She already secretly had a client go and get her hair done at Maja's shop in a previous episode. She also did a test on the hair to see if it was human hair or not. Sneaky!

Then, Mushiya, Beautii, and Maja go out to bond. Mushiya says the place smells like "yesterday." She says she wants to go to a place that smells like "tomorrow." She thought it wasn't classy, but was standing in the place with short shorts on. Okay girl. Too funny! After Beautii hits on some guys, Maja expresses she wants to help Derdra learn to be an ally. On the other hand, Mushiya has given up, and says she already tried at her "I Am Strong" charity event thatresulted in a shouting match between Dedra and Mushiya with LaKenya in the middle. After the discussion, the girls agree if Mushiya wins, Beautii has to wear her hair in a natural hairstyle. If Beautii wins, Mushiya has to wear straight hair down her back.

 Afterwards, the ladies attend the hair show, and Gynesis (Beautii's sister) and Dedra appear to squash their beef between each other, but Dedra is not buying it. The drama begins! She exchanges words with Beautii. Meanwhile, Mushiya is onstage practicing for the show being animated and bossy while the staff and models are looking at her like she's crazy, as usual. After agreeing to learn from Maja, Dedra says she wants to squash the beef between her and Beautii by paying the money Beautii says LaKenya owes her.
Cutting It: int the ATL backstage with Dedra, LaKenya, Beautii, and Maja

 Lastly, Mushiya and Beautii do their performances. Maja yells,"Girl bye,"during Beautii's white and gold and themed performance. Mushiya' s African themed performance with drums and dances has the audience confused. China from L.A. Hair makes an appearance as one of the judges. After it is all said and done Beautii win 4th place, but Mushiya doesn't place at all. She says she's still pleased because she exposed the audience to different natural hairstyles they might want to wear. Backstage, Beautii confronts Dedra about her comment, but Dedra stays quiet. The preview for next week looks like it's going to be similar to the first episode where all the girls get together. We'll see!

What did you think of episode 3 of Cutting It: in the ATL?

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