1BN Kids: Upward Rubber Band Twists Into Twisted Bun Style

1BN Kids: Upward Rubber Band, French Braid Into Twisted Bun Style

Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals!
I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Little Sister Natural (LSN) is heading back to school with her hair in upward twists into a twisted bun style. I love how her mother did the style because the back was sectioned off into rectangles using rubber bands, split them into two sections, and (correction) two-strand twisted them upward into the top ponytail. The top section was put into a ponytail and sectioned into 2 big twists. The twists were wrapped around and pinned into a bun. LSN has one big twist in her bang area, off to the side. The style took about 30-40 minutes. Cantu Curl Activator was applied to her hair beforehand.

Are you going to try this hairstyle on your little natural(s)?

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