Dear 1BlessedNatural, I Don't Think Natural Hair Would Look Good On Me

1BlessedNatural 2010 photo of my braid-out on permed hair while transitioning

Hey my blessed naturals!
One week ago, I ran into a young lady who complimented me on my hair. When I asked her if she was thinking about going natural, she said she didn't think she would look nice with natural hair. I had the same concern when I was thinking about doing the Big Chop. Natural hair is so versatile that you can find a natural style or styles that you like for yourself.

If you are considering going natural and want to get an idea of how you would look, try doing braid-outs, twist-outs, rod sets, Bantu knots and knot-outs, straw sets, and roller sets. Those styles are the closest to textured hairstyles. During my transition, I loved doing braid-outs like the one below, and combing the hair out to get a kinky look (above). I also tried parting my hair different ways. If you don't like the textured hairstyles, many naturals chose to straighten their natural hair with heat. However, there is always a chance of heat damage. So, be sure to weigh your options carefully and please do your research beforehand. Don't forget to have fun in the process! You were born to do this :-)

Braid-out on transitioning hair

 Are you wondering if you would look good with natural hair?

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