Erykah Badu Reveals Children are Homeschooled and It's a Family Affair!

Today, Erykah Badu revealed on social media that her whole family gets involved in homeschooling. The singer has 3 children: Mars Merkaba (age 10), Puma (age 14), and Seven (age 21). The post included a video of her youngest daughter, Mars (who is currently being homeschooled) being taught by her son Seven. After Badu began by sending love to other parents and students who were involved in homeschooling, she let everyone know that homeschooling was not easy to do.
In January of 2019, the National Home Education Research Institute reported that were over 2 million students who are homeschooled in the United States. In 2018, PBSreported that the number of African-American families who chose to homeschool was rising due to parents not wanting their kids to experience things like peer pressure, drugs, and racism.

Badu, who revealed that she homeschooled her children back in a 2009 interview with Peoplemagazine said, "All my children have been thru Badu school. They know the drill. T…

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