Black Women: Dealing with the Fear of Human Trafficking

Hey, my blessed naturals,

I've been wrestling with myself for a couple of weeks on how to talk about human trafficking and our mental states on this blog. If you're like me, then you've seen numerous posts including articles and videos warning us, as Black women about human trafficking. You've also seen the news stories about people getting kidnapped. You've heard figures like "64,000" and "75,000" Black women gone missing in the U.S. The idea of us as Black women being under attack does something to you. The question is: What does all of this do to us mentally?

For example, now when I go to stores or any place for that matter, I am on high alert. High alert means that I am not only looking around for any suspicious activity, but I find myself living in fear and what some may call paranoia. The truth is that we are living in crazy times where anything goes. However, we need to also control how much of these posts we consume on social media and …

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