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Goals are not always the same when it comes to stylists! This past month, I had the pleasure of meeting Jelony (@createdbylonna), a 25-year-old natural hair stylist! I love her motto. She said, "Give me the kinkiest and curliest of hair! It can be braided without heat!" Check out her interview below!

1BN:Where are you from?
CBL: I was born in Newark (The Weequahic Section), NJ. Later on, I moved to upstate NY past Albany.

1BN: How long have you been braiding hair?
CBL: I started learning how to braid when I was 4 years old. I showed my mom I could braid with my Barbie.

1BN: I know you said your braiding is influenced by art. In what way?
CBL:Later in life, art was put into my braiding. I started using lines and shapes and even creating braids using different shapes and colors around 11 years old. I would do zigzags and circles. I would also do connecting braids and hair.

1BN: Do you have a favorite style you like to create? If so, what is it?
CBL:I really do like a lot of regul…

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