The Man Weave vs. Woman Weave Debate

1BlessedNatural: The Man Weave vs. Woman Weave Debate - (photo cred: HouseOfChappleTV)
Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals!
Lately, man weaves have been increasing in popularity. I've seen several videos on Facebook and YouTube, including the one by HouseOfChappleTV (shown below). Online tutorials for man weaves first started popping up online about 2 years ago. I've also seen articles and videos about lace front beards.

The process of getting a man weave usually involves a kinky/curly lace front wig being cut to size and applied to a man's bald spot using glue.The hair is then blended in using a brush, hair dye, and extra hair for the sides if needed. There are also different techniques that involve glue and sewn-in weaves.

Man weaves are worn for mainly two reasons. Some men use it to cover their bald spots, and others use it to get a different look. 

For years, some Black men have complained about Black women wearing weave, because they say it's not their hair. Women argue that it is their hair because they bought it. Now that the man weave has arrived, does this change the argument? I want to hear from you all!


Ladies, would you be okay if your man rocked a man weave? Men, would you get a man weave? 

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