How to Get a Well-Defined Flat Twist, Twist-Out

1BlessedNatural: How to Get a Well-Defined Flat Twist, Twist-Out

Happy Friday, my blessed naturals!
If you're wondering how to get a well-defined flat twist, twist-out, this is for you! Sunday, I did one. The night before, I sprayed water my hair with water and coconut oil. If you try this style be sure to make your hair wet enough to help it set when it dries. This will help you avoid the frizzies.

I parted and twisted about 8 sections starting at my crown going downward, all around my head. The ends were rolled up and pinned using bobby pins. You can also do the same with rod set rollers. Because they have holes, they allow your hair to dry better. Either way, be sure to give your hair enough time to dry. Some people decide to sit under the dryer, but that is your choice. I let my hair dry overnight.

In the morning, I rubbed coconut oil on my fingers and gently unraveled my twists. I used a comb to fluff out my roots and hide the parts.

Did you try doing a flat twist, twist-out?

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