6 Artists Who Represented Natural Hairstyles in the #StyleChallenge

1BlessedNatural: 6 Artists Who Represented Natural Hairstyles in the #Style Challenge (photo cred: @ratchetxhippie_/Instagram>

Hey, my blessed naturals,
Artists from around the world are participating in the #stylechallenge by drawing themselves and their favorite celebrities as characters from popular cartoons. I must say that I've been loving some of them, especially the ones featuring natural hairstyles! The #stylechallenge was started by @beautifulness87 on Instagram on July 10th. Since then, it has spread like a wildfire and has artists asking what cartoon should they do next! Here's @beautifulness87's original posts:

1BlessedNatural: Here's @beautifulness87's second #stylechallenge drawing on Twitter.

Here are 6 #stylechallenge drawings that represent natural hair and/or Black hairstyles:

 1. @eristheplanet

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @eristheplanet/Instagram) - I love the bun and skin tone! She should definitely post more photos of her work!

2. @emzdrawings

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @emzdrawings/Instagram) - I love the detail, especially in the "My Style" one. The purple ombre curls are too cute!

3. @ratchetxhippie_

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @ratchetxhippie/Instagram) - These cartoons are on point! Daria is rocking that fro, lol!

4. @artbybryce

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @artbybryce/Instagram)- Dope! I love the detail in his "My Style" character!

5. @so_illustrations

1BlessedNatural: #style challenge (photo cred: @so_illustrations/Instagram) - The hairstyles in the four corners ....๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

 6. @raveyrai

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @raveyrai/Instagram)- Super cute! I'm loving the "My Go-To Styles". Unique!

                                 Bonus: @aangelicasimone

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @aangelicasimone/Instagram)- This one features Riahanna. I love her Bantu knots!
There are sooo many more great drawings in the #stylechallenge! You can check them out by visiting the hashtag on social media. I might do a part 2 to this article to showcase more drawings with natural hair, but I want to hear from you all!

Are you participating in the #stylechallenge?

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