Remy Ma Celebrates the Beauty of Brown Skin in "Melanin Magic" Video!

1BlessedNatural: Remy Ma Celebrates the Beauty of Brown Skin in "Melanin Magic" Video! (photo cred: Instagram/Remy Ma)

The celebration of melanin continues with Remy Ma's release of the "Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown) video featuring Chris Brown, and the visuals are everything! The video was released this past Wednesday. The song contains a sample of "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" by the R&B group Mint Condition.

It features Black women in all different shades of brown. The costumes were also in different shades of brown. The beginning of the video reminds me the part of Solange's "Cranes In the Sky" video with all of the women on the floor. Remy Ma's Love & Hip Hop NY friends Yandy and Juju also appeared in the video. There were some naturals as well!

The 37-year-old rapper wrote an awesome heartfelt letter to her fans on social media about the beauty and worth of Black skin. In the letter, Remy Ma says, "I know it's hard when people judge you based off of your skin tone. I wanted to make 'Melanin Magic' to remind you that you are black art." She also pointed out the beauty in both light and dark skin.

The end of her letter was the whole cake plus the icing! She said, "You are made in God's perfect image. Your melanin makes you exactly who you are and your black is so magical!" In addition to the letter, Remy Ma also posted pictures of fans with their answers to the question: "What does Melanin Magic Mean to you" on her social media. The pictures were a part of the rapper's #MyMelaninMagic campaign in NYC.

Well done, Remy! 

Remy Ma "Melanin Magic" promo photo (photo cred: Instagram/ Remy Ma)


 You can view the full video on Remy's YouTube page!

What do you think about Remy Ma's message in the "Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)" video?

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