21 Months Natural Hair: Update

Happy Tuesday everyone,
Yesterday was my 21 months hairanniversary! The funny thing is that I would probably have forgotten if it wasn't for Naturali-Chik posting hers lol. I haven't been posting much about my hair because I haven't been doing anything new. Yesterday, I washed, deep conditioned, and installed two-strand twisted pin curls. This morning I took them out for a twist out. But, the humidity made my little waves disappear lol.

Yesterday, I was looking in my product collection for a shampoo and pulled out the Revitalizing Shampoo by Finesse. The bottle of shampoo is at least 6 years old lol. It was one of those products that you think is not for your hair after you buy it. This time I was wrong :-) It worked just fine. My hair was super dirty.

As for the condition of my hair... It is pretty healthy, thank God. Two weeks ago I trimmed my ends while my hair was in mini twists. I only clipped about 1/4-1/2 inch off (which was not a lot).  I clip my ends every 4 months. I will do a length check soon...

 Styles that I'm Plotting On

Since it's cooler outside, I have been thinking about flat ironing my hair. I even bought a heat protectant yesterday. I've watched several YouTube videos of naturals who have successfully flat ironed their hair with little to no heat damage, including iiFia1125 who makes it look so effortless lol . If you read my article "Heat Training My Hair My Natural Hair with a Hot Comb" , you know that I used the heat and the wrapping technique to maintain my hair during the first time I went natural. However, my hair thinned out. I also experienced damage from the comb being too hot. This time I want to take better care of my hair.

My next wash day I plan on doing another roller set without heat. This time I will use bigger rollers and a rat tail comb. I will let you all know how it turns out.


  1. Congratulations on 21 months. Girl, any milestone is a good thing. Keep taking care of your hair and it will continue to surprise you month after month after month.


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