After the Mini Braids

I have finally taken out my all of my mini braids. They were taken out slowly, over the past 3 days. After applying a moisturizer, I removed 3 or 4 braids (at a time) and detangled the section. Then, I twisted it. I used a hair pin to unravel the ends of some of the tiny braids. I enjoyed my style challenge, but I do not see myself doing mini braids anymore, this year lol.

When I was taking the braids out, I had to be very careful to keep my ends from knotting during the removal process. I also have to be careful when removing mini two-strand twists. I kept the mini braids in for a total of 10 days. God willing, I will be doing more posts on new twists styles I've been experimenting with.

How long does it usually take for you to remove your protective style?

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