Church Hair: Bantu Knot, Twist Out with Bang

Happy Sunday everyone!
On Friday, I couldn't take it any longer, so I washed my hair. It didn't take me as long as usual. It took me about 2 hours. I washed my hair in 4 sections and applied conditioner to each section. I tried finger detangling my hair only. The process went smoothly. Saturday I wore my hair in a twist out, but my afro was not stretched enough to my liking. Last night, I put m hair in 8 sections, two strand twisted, and bantu-knotted them.  This morning I attempted another bang style with a regular plastic headband, and I was pleased :-)

I had been thinking about flat ironing my hair, but I was too chicken to go through with it lol. I'm not about to be dealing with heat damage. I've dealt with that before. The Mini- Twist Style Challenge was fun because I was able to really challenge and push myself to work with my hair. I didn't like the last bang style too much, but I like the one in the picture above :-) God is good.

Also, October 3rd made 19 months since my Big Chop :-)

before styling my bantu twist out.


  1. I like this look. I find that the bantu knot out is an interesting way to stretch hair and give a style that is very unique.

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