Ways to Keep Tangles to a Minimum

Happy Sunday everyone!
I hope that everyone is having a good day. Please keep the families of the Connecticut shooting victims in your prayers.
Thursday I co-washed my hair to remove the wrap lotion from the rollerset. My hair was softer, but t probably will be even better when I shampoo it. I did a two-strand bantu knot out. I liked the definition in the picture above. Lately, I have been really trying to keep my tangles to a minimum, and I figured I would share what I have learned.

Detangle Properly

You may use your fingers, wide-tooth comb, or a brush. I usually detangle my hair while it is wet with conditioner or shampoo. I go through section by section slowly from root to tip. I was using a Gabriela (Denman-like) brush every time. But I think that started to put too much stress on my strands, so I use it once in a while now. 

Keep Your Hair Stretched

Keeping you hair stretched is a good way to keep your strands from wrapping around each other and tangling.

1. Banding Method- This method is where you use hair ties to stretch your hair. 

2. Pineapple Method- This method is when you put your hair in ponytails so that you do not have to retwist or braid your hair for a twist or braid- out

3. Braid- Out or Twist-Out- You can braid or twist your hair for the night, and take the braids/twists out in the morning to keep your hair stretched. 

Keep Your Hair Moisturized and Sealed

I apply a moisturizer like Cantu Creamy Hair lotion and an oil (sealant) like Coconut Oil to my hair every morning and every night (if I'm not too tired). Keeping your hair moisturized allows you to be able to remove a tangle easier  then when your hair is moisturized. It's less likely for your hair to snap also.