DIY: Decorating Your Natural Hair Accessories with Nail Polish

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals,
In January, I told you all about some hair accessories that my sister gave me. Today, I wore one of the black barrettes. The only problem I had was that they blended in with the color of my hair.. So, I decided to add a little color to the barrettes by applying nail polish. It's a simple, cute, and quick fix.

Items Needed

1. Your preferred hair accessory: clip or barrette
2. Your favorite color of nail polish
3. paper towel
4. disposable face mask (optional)- I like to use a face mask whenever I use nail polish to prevent breathing the fumes.

1. Pick your favorite color and began applying the nail polish to the surface of your accessory. 

 2. When you have applied the desired amount of nail polish to your barrette, let it dry. You also have the option of applying another coat of polish to the surface when the first layer dries. You can use a fan or blow dryer (depending on the material of your accessory) on cool. I usually let my accessory dry on the window sill.

3. After the polish on your accessory has completely dried, you may use your accessory to create your hairstyle

All done!

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