Mini Braids Style Challenge: Updo with Headband Style # 2

Happy Thursday everyone! 
Yesterday, I said I was going to fore-go the headbands, but I ended up wearing one today lol. The good thing is the material of the headband is very soft, and it doesn't pull my edges. Last night, I applied Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to my mini braids (no extensions) and installed Cold Wave Rod Curlers for a rod set. 

This morning, I removed the rollers and pinned my hair up (using hair pins). The back didn't look too fancy lol, but it was fine for me. Before I did the updo, I tried to style my braids by leaving them a loose, but it was really not working lol. The braids still looked sparse. That's what happens when you install small braids in fine hair. I figured the curls would make a difference... Ha! I was wrong. It was a natural hair disaster, lol. So, I went along with updo! Thank God for hair pins!

Have you ever had a natural hair disaster? What style did you try?